Reclaim Your Fearlessness

Reclaim Your Fearlessness

Rule your fear. Create the life you want.

I’m sorry to have to say this…

Dear readers,

It’s been a long and hard decision, but it had to be done.

Effective as of now, I am discontinuing my blog.

And trust me, it didn’t come as an easy decision. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while now. And as much as it pains me to do so, it’s the right choice.

At first, I thought it was me simply being lazy and giving up, and that this blog is indeed giving me the creative outlet I need to help myself, and others along the way.

But I’ve (sadly) come to the conclusion that I’ve stretched myself too thin, and in order for me to do my best, I need to put all my efforts into a few projects.


Which means that for now, I’m not going to blog here. Not sure if I will return.

That doesn’t mean I’m not around. Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter, or Instagram (I just joined!).

So, it’s not goodbye, but so long.



Ready to reclaim your fearlessness?

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What to do When Being Around People Becomes a Chore

Traveling around and visiting friends and family should be fun, right?


While it’s great seeing people you haven’t seen in a while, there are times when you are reminded why you don’t spend as much time with them in the first place.


I have a friend I’ve known since high school. We’ve been through some good times and bad, so it’s natural we’re pretty close right? Not really.

I’ve found that being around with her is starting to be a chore to be honest.

She started her business a few years before I did and I’ve gotten to the point if I really wanted to quit my day job I would do just fine. She’s managed to survive on business from family and a few friends here and there. I’ve even tried helping out by helping her out with ways she can market herself (when asked of course).

You can guess how that went.

It finally dawned on me after meeting this person for dinner that I’ve gone beyond this friendship. It’s not that my friend is not a great person. It’s more that my values don’t align with theirs anymore. I feel guilty for being as successful every time I’m around her, and it lingers for a few days afterwards. 

In fact, when I told my friend all that I’ve accomplished in the last year or so, I got quieter and quieter when I spoke. When my husband nods at how proud he is of me, I feel like I don’t deserve the compliments.

Now is this someone you really want to hang around with?

There are tons of articles floating around the web referring to the 5 people you should spend the most time with. Ones who help you make you a better version of yourself than today.

What about people you should’t hang around with? Shouldn’t you make a list of the 5 types of people (or at least 5 people who you aren’t your best self around) you don’t want to be around?

Yeah, I get that it sounds negative, but we all need to say no more often. Especially no to people who won’t make us happy.

So go ahead make that list. Purge the people who drag you down. Move on and free yourself up for amazing things to come.


Ready to reclaim your fearlessness?

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I paid $200 to Sweat Alongside 100 Other People and This is What it Taught Me

Before we get started, I did not participate in a orgy. There I said it. And I know some of you thought it….


It was a yoga class. And not just any yoga class, but one led by someone I’ve admired from afar for almost two years. He’s the director of the Ashtanga yoga institute in India. But enough about that.

The point it I actually paid what I consider a lot of money for this class (and if you must know, it included transportation to and from the venue, and a night stay in a not so bad hostel) and man, was I intimidated as heck. I mean, really, really, really intimidated.


I’ve never gone to a yoga class in years and was scared everyone around me was going to be better. I practiced almost every day for a month leading to the class. And you can get that every time I practiced I was thinking if I was going to embarrass myself in some form or another when I got there.

I made this class out to be more important and intimating than it was. I mean, who would care that I fumble during a headstand, or can’t get too deep into a forward bend? And why was I doing this to myself?

Because  my mind was playing tricks on me that’s what. It got me thinking about what other parts of my life I limit myself in. And as much as I’ve accomplished in my short existence on earth, I know there are ways I can push myself more. Get out of my head.

And I’m sure you have those moments too right? And I’m sure you at some point you thought I was crazy for preparing for one yoga class.

Ok, let’s get back to the sweaty bit.

On the day of the class, I was in fact really calm. I felt like I belonged there, with all these other yogis. The moment the class started, I knew just what to do, even the poses I never practiced. Whenever the teacher announced the next step, I’d somehow manage to execute them flawlessly.  It was hard, sweat was rolling down my eyes (it stings people!) but I kept going. Every once in a while, the teacher would come and correct what I did. But that was it.

Afterwards, I felt such a high I never experienced before.

Walking back to where I was staying for the night, I realized that I finished the class, and did more than I thought I could. I really did make the class into a bigger deal that what it should have been.

I went home and decided that my own limiting beliefs is what has kept me from furthering my business. Sure, I’ve had months where I’ve exceeded my income at my day job. But there were certain things (like getting different clientele and including different services) that I was too scared to do. I have no idea why. I seriously felt like I wasn’t capable of pushing myself to make more, do more, and be the kind of copywriter I really want to be. It’s silly isn’t it? I really did make it into a bigger deal than what it was.

A week after that, I worked my butt off to relaunch my  freelance writer site.  I’m proud of this baby. It represents a new direction I’m taking with my business and life. Is it scary? Yes? Will I alienate current clients/friends/mastermind group members as a result? Sure.

But I’m moving forward knowing that I have the potential to be more successful. It’s a matter of if I’m going to let my limiting beliefs get in the way.

What are you going to do today to put your best foot forward?


Ready to reclaim your fearlessness?

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